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December 11th, 2013, 08:33 PM
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I had a pretty painless dilation with my first child. I didn't expect it. It had a few intense moments, but I would not consider any of the dilation painful. Pushing, however, hurt like an SOB. So, yeah, I can't say the birth was painless. And my second two were nothing of the sort (painless). I suppose it's possible to "achieve" it, but I don't know it is something you can rely on. Like someone said, it would set you up for a pretty hard fall to think you could "make" it painless and then have it be painful and you be unprepared for that. It's better to have lots of tools to handle whatever kind of birth you end up with, so you can manage pain if you have it, rather than try to achieve a painless birth that might not be in the cards (since baby position, body shape, pain tolerance, etc are not things you can necessarily prepare for ahead of time). I do believe in painless childbirth, much like I believe in orgasmic birth. However, I think they are the exceptions, not the rule.
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