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December 11th, 2013, 09:35 PM
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Hello, my name is Arwen. I have 3 girls aged almost 6, almost 2, and almost 3 months. I have kept a website for well over a decade now, and have always hand coded it, right down to any special effects with script or CSS. Takes a lot of time!

That's where my question comes in. My site is an art site, and I am looking to save time in the way I upload new pieces. Sites like deviantART or Epilogue have a handy uploader. Search for your picture, upload, and also enter a description. It will upload to the gallery it should be in as well as update the front page and your front page. Does anyone know about programs like that? How to get them, write them? I really don't even know where to begin looking.

I normally have a base html file with the look of the page. I put my file names in slots in my tables, put the description in, save it as an html file. Each new picture means I need to upload 5 files to my site. The html file for the piece, the jpg of it, the thumbnail, an updated gallery page, and an updated front. Takes too long. Didn't used to, but when I started having kids, it started to be longer and longer. lol

Looking to revamp the whole site soon, and I really wanted to add something like this. Hope y'all can help!
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