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December 11th, 2013, 10:49 PM
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I think I'll do that then!
Yeah, I think that I'm going to wait until sunday to take one and then if it's negative, I'll retake sometime during the week if I feel I need to, just to be completely sure. I've been trying to keep myself occupied so I don't let my mind go too much lol I have a work party friday night that I've been focused on thinking about!

I've had heartburn almost all day today though, that's never happened to me before. I missed my work out class tonight because I felt sick and dizzy. I had just been really stuffy and sneezy the past few days from this cold, so I took dayquil about an hour or so before I was supposed to leave for the class, my nose unstuffed a bit but everything else started feeling worse. At this point if I'm not pregnant, I really feel like something else may be wrong =( I've never felt quite like this before, I don't feel normal at all. It also terrifies me more to see doctors XD I'm not much of a fan of them! I think I can go down in the guinness book of world records for binge eating the most Tums of all time at this point lol
Now to wait a few more days!
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