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December 12th, 2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by aivilo1 View Post
Hi all,

The doctor confirmed that I am not pregnant after a urine test and a thorough pelvic exam - said cervix/uterus/ovaries did not have any of the signs of pregnancy. He posits that my hormone levels are out of whack and prescribed me seven days of provera, which he said contains the hormone that lets the body know that it's not pregnant and we need to move on. He said my hormone levels being out of balance like that could definitely cause "pregnancy" symptoms so I wasn't creating them or experiencing psychological symptoms, which made me feel better. No baby, which is sad, but nothing wrong either, which is great! Thanks everyone.
Yeh having your hormones out of wack can definitely cause pregnancy sypmtoms. DId he do a blood test to check your hormone levels? I'm just curious what made him say that. It seems a bit quick to prescribe provera. I know they give that to ladies to help them start their periods if they haven't had one for a while but it didn't seem like you were that late to me. I'm not sure though because I don't know what the protocol is for prescribing provera. I've seen girls have really long cycles before presribing provera.

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