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December 12th, 2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by pattyandthemoos View Post
Yeh having your hormones out of wack can definitely cause pregnancy sypmtoms. DId he do a blood test to check your hormone levels? I'm just curious what made him say that. It seems a bit quick to prescribe provera. I know they give that to ladies to help them start their periods if they haven't had one for a while but it didn't seem like you were that late to me. I'm not sure though because I don't know what the protocol is for prescribing provera. I've seen girls have really long cycles before presribing provera.
He did not take any blood, but I had a spell about six or seven years ago when I went through something similar. I did not want to get back on birth control pills unless it was absolutely necessary so I suppose he saw this as an alternative. I'm not really sure of the protocol either, but he has been a good doctor thus far and I trust his judgment.
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