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December 12th, 2013, 03:06 PM
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If there is just one book you are going to read, I highly recommend to make it The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer. It outlines the interventions used in labor and delivery and what research and history of use shows (ie that episiotomies do not mean faster, cleaner healing nor smaller tears but rather the opposite:most third and fourth degree tears started as episiotomies).

She also wrote Obstetric Myths Versus Reasearch Realities which is much more dry and is less layman's terms, so it's more geared towards people in healthcare (great for taking copies of research articles to provider visits).

For what it's worth, I chose a completely natural homebirth based on the research as well as seeing the same pattern played out over and over in the medical records I typed for the hospital I work for, and my hospital's policies and statistics are far better than the national average (ie first time Cesarean section rates of 12-18% vs the national of 30-40%). If I had to transfer, I felt comfortable being at my hospital, but I firmly believe a normal low-risk pregnancy has no place laboring at a hospital automatically and should only go there in the event of a complication or excessively long and/or painful labor. Hospitals, epidurals, Pain meds, and Cesarean sections all have a time and place, but they are far over used and not fully explained to the parents (after all, many doctors either aren't aware of the studies or don't believe them because like most doctors they are not trained in understanding statistical analysis nor can they read every study that is published.)

Plus, medicine is almost more art than science in many cases, especially when the process is not fully understood, such as in labor and birth because they don't know what makes a woman go into labor. The ob/gyn I saw for backup care even said that very thing and that if they did inductions would never fail and preterm labor could always be stopped.
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