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December 12th, 2013, 03:34 PM
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You ain't kidding Leia. I too will sign a breath of relief when you can finally breath easy. I'm sure it's hard not allowing yourself to become attached. But in the end I know this will all be worth it. You will always remember the babies you lost but you'll look at this one and rejoice. I knew going into this because of my age that I was setting myself up for heartache. I try to keep it in perspective. I knew there would be some hard times and there has been. At the same time I've got to let go. I'm tired of agonizing over AF every month. I've always thought to myself that when I get to hold my baby none of this will matter anymore. Whatever I went through to get here will have been worth it. But what if I never hold that baby? Would it have been worth it then? I'm not sure what I could say I've gained from this experience that's been positive. Except maybe perseverance.

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