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December 12th, 2013, 05:16 PM
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Are you saying that you got your period while you were pregnant? and just didn't realize or find out until later on?
I'm sorry if I'm not reading your post correctly lol
That's one thing that I've thought about, that if I take a test and it turns out to be negative and I get my period soon after... should I take that as a 100 percent I'm not pregnant, or should I test again later on anyways? I know a friend of mine still got her period when she was pregnant and because of that she didn't think she was.
I know it's been talked about a bit on this posting, but I just don't understand how I bled two weeks after my period ended which was almost 2 weeks before I was (am) supposed to get it again. Doesn't that tend to happen closer to the end of your period if it's ovulation bleeding? or is it just different for everyone? And it can just randomly happen out of no where like it did for me? I just can't stop thinking that I've never had that happen before in the 12 years I've been having that time of the month lol
I understand everything that everyone on here has said, I just can't help thinking about things. It all makes sense... and it doesn't at the same time lol
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