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December 12th, 2013, 07:21 PM
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nope, ovulation's usually right in the middle. november 4th could very well have been the day you ovulated. now, implantation usually happens closer to when af is supposed to show up, maybe that's where you're getting confused.

if you dtd right after your flow stopped, you would have had to ovulate right around then too, which makes the 4th something like 14 days past ovulation, which seems kind of late for implantation. plus, you said your periods are very regular... so i doubt this is the case. you would be having a randomly really short cycle.

i mean, you can always take a test now if you're worried that the spotting you saw was actually implantation. if you ovulated early enough for implantation to have occurred on the 4th, you'd *definitely* get a positive result by now if you are actually pregnant-- because technically, you'd already be quite a bit late.

ovulation spotting isn't something that happens to everybody, and it doesnt even have to happen every time for the women that do get it. it's possible you've had it and never noticed it-- it took me years to realize that i sometimes get ovulation spotting! i just happened to catch it in an instead cup one month, and then kept an eye out for it.

but, there are other reasons you might have breakthrough bleeding... like irritation to the cervix during sex.

i'm still of the opinion that you aren't pregnant, but that you should test on saturday.
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