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December 12th, 2013, 10:20 PM
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I like Hazel as well. It is my daughter's middle name.

I am so so SO not religious but I think Jezebel would be a huge target on her back for life. It has become synonymous with ****, tramp, *****, etc.

"The image of Jezebel as an "oversexed harlot" goes back to the Biblical character, but the promiscuous Jezebel Stereotype was often applied by slave-masters to explain away the rape of black women. They used this mentality to explain away their own actions, instead the "Black Jezebel wanted it!" This stereotype continues in Hollywood films since the 1970s... blaxploitation films, hip-hop videos, even Halle Berry's Oscar winning performance in Monster Ball."

Just an FYI. I like all the othernames on you list. Hazel the most!!

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