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December 13th, 2013, 09:39 AM
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Nancy- thank you! I was looking at Catholic Heritage too as that would be cheaper but everyone says Seton is the way to go even if you don't pay the tuition after the first child and just use the hand me downs for the next ones. I have also heard that a lot of parents don't use all the worksheets and materials because it is just so much.

Do you enroll each kid or do you recycle material?

I read that book "Catholic Homeschooling" written by the president of Seton and ever since then I feel so called to homeschool but I have seen kids I know lose their faith after going to catholic school because it was pushed too much on them. That is why I think homeschool might be better because we could just live it and not be preachy about it.

I agree I only went to CCD but my mother really taught me the faith but what the kids get in those programs is not much. My husband went through CCD too and was an alter boy and he doesn't know anything about his faith. It is really sad. I think homeschooling would be good for our whole family.

How many kids do you have in Seton? ages? How much time does it take?

Thanks for responding!
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