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December 13th, 2013, 03:44 PM
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Cramps like your describing can be early labor signs, but they can also be diarrhea cramps. You can always just call your doctor and ask them about it to be sure. I was told if I had cramping like that (which I've had a few times) to lay down on my left side, drink some water, and see if it goes away. So you're body just might be prepping more for the big event

Well how have I been feeling? I've gotten a few of those type of cramps, and a few BH this past week. It's weird because they say to push in your tummy around the belly button area when you think you're having a contraction and if it feels tight it is. Well if I'm standing my belly always feels tight to the touch. And if I'm sitting and have what feels like a contraction (whole belly area feels tight and squeezing) and push in at my belly button area it doesn't feel tight when I'm sitting.
I'm still tired (so much for that second trimester burst of energy, mine lasted about a week). I'm not napping everyday, but everyday I feel like I could.
Having trouble bending because my belly is so huge and round and in the way. Plus I'm still supposed to be taking it easy until I get the all clear from my doctor about the PreE. So nothing is getting done much around here. DH does the dishes and cleans the best he can. And I manage to do most of the schoolwork I want to with DD, but I don't feel it's as much as I'd like to be doing
I just keep on reminding myself it's only 4 more months + recovery and it's for the best cause
Oh and my hands keep falling asleep when I'm lying in bed - boo.

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