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December 13th, 2013, 04:54 PM
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For the past couple weeks I've been noticing some changes and weird things going on with my body. However, about 3 years ago I was told by my doctor that there is a small chance I will ever get pregnant, and that if I did, there's no way to tell if it would make it to full term. This completely crushed me. I know that miracles happen all the time which is why I'm very curious as to what is going on. I have been sexually active with my boyfriend, so I know it's possible for me to be. But at the same time, maybe I'm just crazy?

About 2 weeks ago I started cramping up really bad. It lasted about a day, day and a half, then just stopped. I thought I was going to start my period but I still haven't. However, my period is always off or late, so I wasn't too worried about it then. But then I started feeling sick every time I took a drink of mountain dew and smelling pizza actually made me throw up. Now for the past couple days my breasts have been extremely tender. My breasts have never been sore, ever. Not even before my period. So that's weird. And they hurt pretty bad, they feel kinda heavy too if that makes sense.

I'm just really not sure what to make of it all. My period is always late so that's out of the question as pregnancy sign #1, but the nausea and sore breasts stuff is getting to me.

Someone please help me make sense of this!!!

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