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December 14th, 2013, 05:28 AM
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I just don't know if pain is the word I would use in regard to birth. It's intense and insane and different from anything else in life.

The laboraid thing really bothers me. If you ever read Ina May, she talks about keeping your jaw loose, instead of clinched, and your bottom will follow and be loose and open. She calls it the sphincter reflex. And you know, I've seen this to be true for most of the women I have supported. The laboraid thingy seems counter productive and would only add to tension in the body.

As far as the tens machine, I've seen many moms use it. But honestly, it will only help cope in the early stages of labor. You get too swept up in labor to worry about functioning with that sort of thing.

Your best help will be preparing yourself for a normal physiological birth with lots of support and a supportive care provider. When you have that, then you have the opportunity for your hormones to be your helpers. Here is a great article:
Pain in Labour: Your hormones are your helpers | Sarah Buckley
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