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December 14th, 2013, 04:39 PM
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I am not yet done with my shopping/projects, but I have got some of it done & I am so excited about it that I have to tell y'all what I got/made LOL For Daddy, we got some warm shirts for him to wear to work (he works outside, & it is snowy & bitterly cold here all winter) & a $50 gift card that he will love! Mother- a soft, snuggly, well-shaped snow leopard print jacket, & I crocheted a black/grey/turquoise striped tote (she likes totes, & will love those colors). My 2 sisters... one is getting a crocheted black cat pillow modeled after her beloved black cat, and the other is getting a crocheted earflap hat & super-soft cowl (also crocheted), and they are each getting a 4-pack of heavy duty wool socks (they work outdoors too). Brother already got his gift, a new pocketknife that he was very reluctant to pick out because he thought it was too expensive, but I wanted him to choose it because I didn't know exactly what he wants/needs in a knife... but it's the only present he's getting LOL His wife is getting a cook book for learning how to cook, she specifically told me that she wants to learn to cook well, so I don't think she will feel like I'm criticizing her cooking if I give her a cookbook lol (besides, she knows I love books & cooking, so a cookbook is not out of character for me hahaha)
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