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December 14th, 2013, 04:45 PM
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For MIL, we went in with hubby's sisters to get her a spinning wheel (for making yarn), and hubby & I bought her a beautiful lamb figurine that she will love- she loves her sheep lol I'm also going to make an afghan for her, but it is taking a long time because it's so many tiny pieces... it might be a mothers day gift hahaha I don't know what hubby & sisters are getting for their dad. For my "new grandparents" I still have to go get presents, but I have in mind what I'll get for them, and I still have to get Hubby's present Hubby already got my presents, but I refused to wrap them & have already been using them HAHAHA (3 blankets for my horses, a beautiful pink camo purse, cowboy boots, etc) LOL
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