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December 14th, 2013, 05:45 PM
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This is my first cycle of taking Clomid 50mg. On CD14 I got a +OPK. On CD15 I also got a +OPK as well as my temp spike which was November 28. I kept taking OPK test to make sure I got a negative first b4 I quit but on CD16 I got yet another +OPk. Fertilityfriend counts CD14 as my O date because of my temp spike on CD15. However ovufriend counts CD17 as my O date because of the 3 in a row +OPk's. If going by FF I'm 16 DPO and getting BFN's and no sign of AF at all. Not even any spotting. Yesterday, because of AF being late, decided to take another OPK and HPT. The OPK came out + and the HPT came out -. Has anyone on Clomid had issues with it affecting your OPK's or making AF late. I'm just so confused at this point.
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