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December 14th, 2013, 08:53 PM
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Ugh. You are brilliant! You caught me...I am lurking hoping for some gorgeous baby pics. It helps me not want another yet to see all the newbies (kinda backward I know). And since you guys are next, I am lurking around, waiting on your gorgeous arrivals

1 One blessing about your pregnancy (or most recent pregnancy): My body did just what it needed to, when it needed to to get my daughter here safe and sound.
2 Two things you like about yourself: My confidence, my height
3 Three songs that make you happy: "Walking on Sunshine," "Jump (for my love)," and "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
4 Four good things about your S/O (if you are single, tell us about your Best Friend or whoever gives you the most support): He is ever-looking for new knowledge, he supports me wholeheartedly, even if he doesnt quite understand, he has gorgeous eyes, and he makes beautiful babies
5 Five positive things about your family: We are a crazy-supportive bunch, we can be fully honest with each other, no one ever keeps track of who does what, we just do what is needed, we respect our elders, we truthfully enjoy each others company

Cool post! I'll check back to see what others say!

Carry on ladies. I will be cheering you on when it comes to baby-delivering time. Enjoy those snuggles.
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