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December 15th, 2013, 07:25 AM
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1 One blessing about your pregnancy (or most recent pregnancy): This is a baby I wasn't supposed to have and God has given him to us!
2 Two things you like about yourself: I like that I don't normally require a lot of make-up. I like that I have learned to find good things in every bad situation.
3 Three songs that make you happy: All I wanna doooooooooooooooooooo, I;m still a guy, Count on me
4 Four good things about your S/O (if you are single, tell us about your Best Friend or whoever gives you the most support) He 100% supports me in whatever condition I am in at the moment, He is an amazing Daddy, He makes me laugh, He works hard and lives an honest life.
5 Five positive things about your family: Mom gave me a strong sense of right and wrong, She taught me to look on the bright side and gave me a compassion for others. My Brother Brandon can always make me laugh. My Brother Brian would give you the shirt off his back. My In-laws believe Right is right and wrong is wrong and will stand up to their children when they are wrong, but will stand up for them when they are right. My son is silly, goofy and makes me happy.

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