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December 15th, 2013, 10:25 AM
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1 One blessing about your pregnancy (or most recent pregnancy)
That he gets to have his little girl (we never planned either pregnancy but when we found out about our first he really wanted it to be a daughter. since we "definitely" wernt going to have another he was kinda disappointed. turns out life doesnt take kindly to our plans though lol)

2 Two things you like about yourself

Im flexible with life
Im much more confident then previously

3 Three songs that make you happy

I want a hippo for christmas
gunpowder an lead
take yourself to higher places

4 Four good things about your S/O (if you are single, tell us about your Best Friend or whoever gives you the most support)
he is thoughtfull
he loves our son more then life
he is protective
he makes amazing steak an chesse sandwiches

5 Five positive things about your family √

each of our kids has improved our lives
we stick together through thick and thin
our house of 3 & 1/2 has alot of love and cuddles and giggles
We have grown together and while we still have alot to work out weve come pretty far
I am Happy with what we have made

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