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December 16th, 2013, 06:59 AM
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HAHA got me!

1 One blessing about your pregnancy (or most recent pregnancy): Hmm I would say that he/she has stayed in and is so far healthy after the issues I've had. . .(I know I havent had it as bad as some people) But for me this was rough.

2 Two things you like about yourself: I am hilarious. I am also very caring.

3 Three songs that make you happy: "Then" by Brad Paisley "I cross my heart" by George Strait anddddd "Somethin' bout a truck" by Kip Moore (my kid's OBSESSED with it lol)

4 Four good things about your S/O (if you are single, tell us about your Best Friend or whoever gives you the most support): He is so hard working, He really thinks the world of me, He is an awesome and loving father and I trust him more than anyone on Earth.

5 Five positive things about your family: Well. . .My sister (although far away) is awesome- even far away we can talk about whatever, whenever. My Inlaws are AMAZING people. . . My son is the coolest 2 year old EVER. I have pretty amazing aunts and uncles as well who have REALLY been there for me the last few years! My mom and dad definitely raised me right and I will raise my kids the same.


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