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December 16th, 2013, 09:44 AM
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Amy what you're describing sounds like how I felt at the end of my pregnancy with Kody. Honestly when they get big enough to be healthy if they were to be born, you just want them OUT because you feel they'd be safer in your arms. You should read my journal entries from end of pregnancy. Oh wait, maybe you shouldn't---I was like a deranged crazy woman just sooo anxious about everything, depressed that I wasn't going into labor, and at the same time, scared about labor & delivery.

I got so many "false" contractions that I felt like I wouldn't even know when I went into labor for real. I read about false labor, another word for it is prodromal labor, and that it is actually doing SOMEthing, that it's not just all for nothing. It makes small changes in your body that prepare you for the real thing, and help shorten the time that you will be in labor when the real deal kicks in. I know that's not really that helpful, at least to me it was like, "I don't care if I have a long labor, I just want to go into labor NOW!" But for me it ended up, that I just had crampy-like feelings forEVer and went 5 days past due. By that time I was fed up (I had refused the membrane stripping up until that point because I wanted to let nature take its course), and I told my doc I wanted to try to get this show on the road. She checked me and I was already 5 cm! It was just a regular OB exam. I wasn't exactly "in labor", or if I was, it was moving super slow. So she admitted me to the hospital and broke my water, and that was all it took to get it going. I had Kody 3 hours later.

All that to say, you are on your way right now, although it may be slow progress and scary because you don't know when you will go into labor, you are getting there, hang in there!

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