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December 16th, 2013, 11:33 AM
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That does help a lot. I like the idea of having "professionals" to guide me because I feel really lost with the process and I want to know that my kids are getting want they need. I really liked school in the traditional sense (the social part was hard for me) especially college but my husband hates to read and is very hands on and so school was hard for him (social was easy for him though because he played sports) but I see a lot of my husbands hyperness in my child and I think forcing him to sit in a classroom for 6 hours a day would kill his spirit. I think kids still need lots of unstructured free time.

I also like the idea of if I can't understand something I can call a teacher who can help me. I also like the idea when it comes to discipline that if they are not doing their work, it is not just mom who says they have to do it but I have a real teacher and school to be accountable too but I am still in complete control of everything my child is exposed too.

I used to teach at two colleges and when I first started I spent 40 hours a week planning just 1 class and so I know that it takes tons of time to research and get organized so I really like that everything is there for me to use.

Our catholic school is really cheap here. I think it is like 2k for the first kid and maybe 1500 for the second so that is still an option but then you add in uniforms and lunches and I am just not sure I want my kid to be gone 6 hours a day. I know all the teachers who teach at the schools too and most of them are not Catholic or very lukewarm Catholic. Most of the teachers are just there because they can't get a job in the public school so it is like the same education.

Have you heard anything about how Seton will use the "common core" or whatever that new program is called that says 2+2 doesn't always equal 4?
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