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December 16th, 2013, 06:00 PM
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So after a long stressful day, and an emotional breakdown at one point, I'm finally home. So I had my appointment with my high risk doctor this afternoon. My sugars have been higher than we'd like so he increased my meds to include one before lunch to keep numbers more normal. But I was more worried about the whole PreE thing. There was a trace amount of protein in my urine, but the doctor assured me that a trace amount in pregnant women was pretty normal and that mine wasn't high. My blood pressure was high, I mentioned to the nurse about how the L&D people wanted me to use the bigger cuff and even gave me one (but since I hadn't been home all day (unplanned) I didn't have it with me). So when she tested with her larger cuff my BP actually went up, not down But it was a very stressful day also so that probably had some to do with it. So the doctor didn't seem super worried about it, just put in an order for me to go back to the lab on Friday or Monday to have another culture done and check the protein level. But said the blood work they drew at the hospital last weekend showed my kidney's and liver were functioning normally
Then he did our U/S so DD could see her baby sister! Boo was so excited to finally get to see her. She was moving around a lot, but still had her legs tucked up showing us a good view of her girl parts and her butt again. Doctor said everything looked great.
Then came the sad part - we had to say goodbye to him and get referred to a new doctor - boohoo. There are no other high risk doctors in his office, so I actually have to go to the offices at the hospital (which parking sucks at). I go back in 3 weeks to meet the new doctor.

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