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December 16th, 2013, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Aynber View Post
Mine broke pretty much the same as you. I went to the bathroom (2:45am), then felt a pop low in my abdomen towards the right side, and there was a gush of water. It felt different than peeing, and it even looked different in the toilet (kinda cloudy), so I knew what it was. I called the nurse line, and told me to come in a few hours later at about 4:30-5. I was already supposed to be at the hospital at 7am for induction, so the timing was exasperating.
How funny! Timing wise, it couldn't have worked out better for you. YAY for no induction!! I was scheduled to go in for my last appoint before my induction at 11am and had her at 11:13 (41 weeks)... Thank goodness!

I guess we will just have to see . All pregnancies are their own thing.

I don't know about baby's head acting like a cork... I was sitting on the toilet when it happened so that doesn't make sense for me? (Us!)

Happy wife, proud mom and aspiring Lactation Consultant.

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