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December 17th, 2013, 10:27 AM
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I ate a lot up until recently, mainly healthy stuff but no ones perfect I can't eat much now because my stomach is all squished up and there's no room for food... but yet I'm still gaining weight. No exercise here. I do chores for between 30 mins to an hour each day. Not much activity for me but I'm in too much pain to do much during these last few weeks. I went to WalMart over the weekend to pick up another skein of yarn for a baby blanket I'm working on. I walked to the tooth paste isle, the craft isle, picked up one thing from the grocery section then walked to the check out. By the time I was leaving and walking through the parking lot my pelvis was killing me and I could barely get into the car (I couldn't lift my legs up). My point is I'm out of shape right now and even a tiny bit of walking kills me. My body doesn't handle all this extra weight very well.

Be happy your bouncing between gaining and losing weight. Your baby will get what it needs from you so don't worry. As long as your eating proteins your body can supply pretty much everything else baby needs.

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