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December 17th, 2013, 10:37 AM
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I had another appointment today. NST went well. My GBS swab test came back positive. It's not a big deal but I will have to get antibiotics in my IV when I go into labor. My doctor is leaving for Disney World today and wont be back until Dec 26th!!!

I go back to see a doctor I've never met before on the 23rd. Then on the 30th I see my regular doctor and get my last BPP ultrasound and NST. He said he's not 100% sure yet but more than likely my induction date will be set for Jan 2nd.

I've known the end is near for a while now but I guess hearing the date Jan 2nd is a wake up call. I can't believe how soon that date will be here!!!

I'm a wee-bit nervous.

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