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December 17th, 2013, 12:02 PM
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For the past few days my appetite is gone. I have been trying to eat things (fruits and veggies mostly) but I just never actually get the hunger pangs. Of course, that means I am 24 weeks and back to pre-pregnancy weight. I know the best I can do is eat, but I don't remember this with Marsi's pregnancy. Thankfully my midwife has been really good about my weight. She has never said I wasn't gaining enough or losing too much weight. I have gained 5 lbs from my lowest measurement at the midwife. Of course, my face is looking skinnier, because the baby and all the other pregnancy stuff has to weigh something. Just one more thing to worry about. Luckily he is a good mover and shaker so I don't have to worry about him being alive. Just the worry of him being healthy.

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