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December 17th, 2013, 04:12 PM
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So we got back from our trip to Dallas. I thought she was going to be seeing an orthopedic and a neurologist but she was scheduled to see two different orthopedic docs. They want her to see a pediatric neurologist, that as far as they can tell everything is right physically with both the leg and the arm but think that the leg is just weak and MAY need a brace to help support her when she starts walking(we are suppose to go back when she gets close to doing that) and that with the arm that there might be something wrong with the nerves.(which I already knew cuz the doc here had said he was worried about nerve damage, I am a little confused why he didn't schedule one of her appt with the neurologist to start with) We are suppose to get her in to see the neurologist as soon as we can and after we know what they are going to say we will know more about what we are going to be doing. They did say that they were going to get with the doc here and tell him that they wanted the Physical therapist to change what she is doing and were going to send her a list of things they wanted her to do but we haven't met with the doc or the PT yet since we got back, and with Christmas next week I am afraid it is going to be after Christmas before we get much more done. Just thought I would update you guys.

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