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December 18th, 2013, 10:08 AM
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for a job? how long have you been working with that specific company/entity? how long have you been doing the job in general? do you like it? are you full time, part time or seasonal? do you like the people you work with?

i work for an insurance company, in their agency. so i work one-on-one with selling insurance to customers, primarily auto, home, life, and misc insurance (like ATVs, snowmobiles, etc). i also work with the claims that come through, making sure there is constant contact between our claims center and our insured.i dapple with billing, mostly calling people looking for money. and i run 95% of the office programs and campaigns out of here. when we do a life insurance campaign, i compile the lists, the mailings, and do all the follow up calling. my official title is a Licensed Agent Assistant for the [bossman's name] Agency of [insurance name]. so i am licensed to do everything the agent can do, and i usually end up doing everything the agent doesn't want to do

ive been here for almost three years, and i love it. i never thought i would be so passionate about insurance, but i really am. there are two other people that work in this office, bossman, and his wife (who only works mornings). and they are like my parents in here (because i'm only 24, and they're both in their 50's). they are very religious people, so when it comes to me having to take a day off because i have a sick kid, bossman has absolutely no problems with that. in fact tomorrow kale's preschool is having a christmas program and he is perfectly fine with me going.
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