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December 18th, 2013, 01:36 PM
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Okay ladies, I'm new here, but hoping to get some insight!

Had my last period starting on November 25th and it was normal. I'm very regular and haven't ever had anything out of the ordinary...I'm always right on time with starting, not usually off by more than maybe a day or two at the absolute most. My periods are typically heavy the first two days with a lot of clotting, and then ease off pretty rapidly. So, that was all normal and based on that I would have been ovulating somewhere between December 6th-13th. Well, my significant other lives out of state at the moment, and it happens that I was visiting him there on those exact dates and we had sex at least once a day during that time. No protection, sometimes pulling out but not always. And I did experience an increase in discharge later in the week while I was there, which I read could be another indicator of conception. I wasn't expecting to start my period until sometime next week, but yesterday I experienced some light cramping (aching in my upper thighs) and some bleeding started...much lighter than I would normally experience with my period. The cramping went away just about as soon as it started, but the bleeding has continued into today, though still not getting any heavier than what it was and nowhere near what it would normally be for my period. I have been using tampons since yesterday afternoon, but decided to switch to a pad and see what it is like that way. Still no cramping or any other symptoms I normally have with my periods, headaches and stuff. Most of the blood has been brownish colored, but occasionally when I wipe it is pink to red, though sometimes there's nothing at all.

Based on several different ovulation calculators I tried, the timing is insanely spot on, and I would have conceived around the 9th and be about nine days past ovulation, which is in the right time frame for implantation bleeding. I've read some many different things on it at this point that I'm not sure what at all to think! If this is my period, it's way abnormal. I did take an HPT last night, which was negative, but I think it's probably too soon for anything to show up on one anyway.

I don't want to convince myself that I am pregnant, but I also don't want to just assume that I'm not. I would love to hear what anyone thinks...any information or experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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