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December 18th, 2013, 10:24 PM
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It's been a busy few days for me. I'm ready to relax! Tomorrow should be good. I'll have the morning free to catch up on some housework, and then DH is taking me thrift store shopping! My favorite

Then Friday I have my OB/GYN appointment, oh goody! Haha. My best friend just had her first ever "lady doctor" appointment too, so she filled me in on what to expect. I feel so young and inexperienced sometimes. (Probably because I am....)
I'm really not looking forward to the whole thing, but I am hoping she might offer me some valuable advice and maybe even some suggestions for TTC... hopefully! I talked to a lady who goes to our church, and she had kind of a bad experience with this OB/GYN (I found this out AFTER the appointment had already been made, of course), so that makes me nervous as well.

I got my mucinex today, and I did end up going with the brand name. I have such trouble with my CM never getting very fertile quality, so I'm really hoping this will help! CD 7 today, so will be starting taking it on Sunday, probably. I've already been having a lot of sticky/tacky and sometimes creamy CM, more than normal, so I'm feeling optimistic about this cycle 17th time's the charm, maybe!
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