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December 19th, 2013, 09:04 AM
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26 + 4 weeks

Its soooo nice to say that after Meg felt baby kick on Saturday, that DH felt baby kick the very next day! On sunday - right as I reached 26 weeks! The little man was having a disco in my belly late in the evening so I got DH to sit with his hand on my belly and tadah! he felt some reallly good kicks. Sooooo happy!

I'm feeling the LO move every day now which I love, mostly in the morning and then evening & night. Sometimes I get some really big kicks which a sore, especially around my ribs or pelvis but I'll take them I love how dependable it is, so reassuring after months of anxiety.

Everything else is pretty much the same, still nauseous most days and vomiting fairly regularly (albeit not daily now). Still taking the anti nausea medication which helps. I tried without it a couple of weekends ago and was miserable! I felt sooo poorly and just couldnt function. So it looks like I might need it till the end. Oh well, no biggie.

Food-wise my biggest aversion is chicken - bleurgh. I'm just hoping turkey is dissimilar enough that I can manage some with my christmas dinner! I love christmas dinner! lol! Otherwise, i'm finding I have less and less space in my belly so feeling full after smaller amounts, plus drinks take up lots of space so try to avoid drinks just before or with meals (which i always usually have). My weight is slowly creeping up which is about normal and there is no mistaking my bump now, I do love my bump so much. I know some ladies (including a friend of mine) never liked their bumps but I'm in love with mine.

We are slowly getting through our huge shopping list! We have our nursery furniture arriving on monday. I cant remember if I said but we've bought a cotbed with matching wardrobe and dresser. Its so beautiful and I cant wait to have it all set up. I'm slowly running out of space for all the baby things i'm accumulating - both with shopping and the things i'm having donated by friends and family. We've even been given a highchair by DHs sister, it will store away nicely in our loft for a while but its one other thing we're not going to have to buy. Next big purchases will be car seat and pushchair, we've already done some browsing on line so will hopefully get those chosen in the new year.

We havent decided on a name for the LO and likley wont till he arrives but we do have a few favourites on our list.

We're about ready for christmas here, I've done all of my shopping (as of yesterday) and all but my dads gift is wrapped. DH still has a bit to do and is planning on doing that this weekend (good luck to him with the crowds). As much as i'm excited for christmas, I'm also really looking forward to christmas next year knowing our little man will be here! It'll all be so different and exciting!

Wedding photos and still coming in slowly but surely, we now have 210 out of 347 photos. I have some firm favourites so far, a few of which we've put on fb but i have some others that i'll have to share with you all when I get chance - including an amazing one of my bump (which you cant really see in a lot of the photos due to the style of my dress unless you look reallllly closely lol).

Its funny...I'm always thinking of things I want to include in my journal (normally at night whilst i'm trying to sleep! The difficulty sleeping continues) but when it comes to writing an entry I always feel like i'm forgetting something! Please shout up if theres something really obvious i've not mentioned!

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