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December 19th, 2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Britt3 View Post
I haven't even looked at diaper bags yet. I'm not big on the "baby" look when it comes to this stuff- I don't want it to be all babied out if that makes sense? (winnie the pooh, characters, baby strollers on the patterns, etc etc). I like them to look more like purses or just bags.
I'm totally addicted to chevron stuff, so I'm hoping I find a cute chevron striped diaper bag somewhere. If not, I'm sure I'll find something more plain or modern to carry around.
Like this? Skip Hop Jonathan Adler Duo Diaper Bags, Chevron Blue: Baby

Wouldn't I love the iconic Coach diaper bag (in purple), but it's way out of my price range

I like this one by Skip Hop that's designed for twins, the Duo Double or something like that. I pack heavy and want the biggest **** bag I can find!
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