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December 19th, 2013, 08:30 PM
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Here is some advice I've found..

Cervical Position - isn't an indicator for when you may Ovulate or not, as it can shift due to various reasons, like your bowels or bladder. Now while it may be high and open during ovulation - you should be checking your cervical mucus not necessarily position.

Ovulation Predictor Kits - Only work detecting your LH Surge - which only lasts for a few hours and doesn't always accurately pinpoint ovulation. It is using OPK's, Temp-Charting, Checking for Egg-White Cervical Mucus and being in tune with your body.

When you ovulation you are more likely to be aroused, wet throughout the day, have engorged genitalia, egg white cervical mucus, a drop in temperature - the egg only lasts 12 - 24 hours, so having sex prior is key - yes you should probably be DTD on your O day and a few days after for good measure. But it takes time to get so intune with your body - also if you have secondary fertility issues, such as PCOS it can mess up when you ovulate.

The key is, enjoy sex with your partner, have fun, have sex often (every other day or every day, but importantly when you are aroused as they may indicate ferility) you can try charting if you feel anxious - but remember it takes 3-6 months on average for couples to conceive, so unless you've hit that mark don't stress so much.

Are you having normal periods? Have you tried seeing a doctor to make sure your hormones are in balance? Also if your husband is masturbating it will diminish his sperm-count - so he should only be ejaculating when having sex.

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