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December 19th, 2013, 10:17 PM
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Okay's the latest update. Bleeding has stopped entirely now except for a slight tinge of light brownish when I wipe (sometimes...sometimes nothing). Throughout this morning it was very minimal...a few drops here and there...and then disappeared pretty much completely by the late afternoon and has not increased again since. So, all together the bleeding lasted just slightly over 48 hours and was definitely not even remotely close to resembling what my normal AF would be like.

At any rate, I took a test this evening and it was the biggest BFN I could possibly have gotten. Still not having any of my other regular AF symptoms. I'm trying very hard not to make up any pregnancy symptoms, but I've had a mild headache all afternoon and evening, and I had to leave the room while my daughter was eating earlier because it was making my stomach turn. It might be a little overboard, but I'm going to test again first thing in the morning...I did have A LOT of water this afternoon before I took the test.
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