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December 20th, 2013, 02:11 PM
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We are probably going to TTC our last child mid-next year and I am putting together my name list. I'd like some opinions on the girl options because I am not leaning any which way specifically. DH is no help at this stage. Lol.

I am fairly certain we will have a third boy. And his name will be Sullivan Mark. Our other boy names are Irish/Gaelic as well. Id like for our girl name to fit nicely with our daughters name (Josephine). which name do you prefer? The middle will be Caroline regardless of first name.

Eliza: sorta classic feeling, with a twist. Seems to be rising in popularity (both Josephine and Eliza are based in Hebrew, having biblical meanings)

Esme: (Es-MAY) Really old school feeling, but did Twilight ruin it? (French origin, meaning "esteemed")

Cicily: (sis-SIL-lee): Love the elegance...but it means 'blind' :-/ (English origin)

Clara: Very old fashioned...too much so? (Origins in Latin, meaning bright)
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