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December 20th, 2013, 02:50 PM
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It's part spiritual and part "I did my research".

For the spiritual part... I'm pagan, very nature/-earth based belief system. I keep things as natural as possible, meaning how I think we were "meant" to live if technology were not around/modern times (I think you know what I'm saying, I hate having to //// and ---- a bunch of terms to get the point across lol).

Boys are born w/ foreskin so leave it alone. Boobs are made for food so use em. Vaginas are made for birthing so push the kid out ---- very basic line of thinking, that's where I come from.

And that's not a judgement thing at all, I'm just explaining my thought process. You do what you do for your family and be happy w/ that and... yay, cool beans

For the "research" half, I read books, I read websites and watched the tv shows and noticed a pattern w/ how hospital births go LONG before I ever got pregnant w/ #1. It seemed very obvious to me that it wasn't the ideal setting. I had a heart issue w/ #1 so that was hospital... but #2 was home and so is this one.

It's very, very weird for me to watch hospital birth shows now and to read about birth stories because it feels so alien to me. The thought of a hospital birth, with all the machines, and jarring lights and people constantly in and out and in and out just seems very absurd, odd, not right, to me.

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