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December 20th, 2013, 04:00 PM
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Well, I had my OB/GYN appointment today. It went well, she's nicer than I expected based on what I had heard, but she's putting me on birth control, which seems to be the opposite of what I want! She said it can help get me a really strong ovulation when I go off it, and that a lot of women get pregnant right away doing that, so who knows. I'll try anything at this point. Unfortunately, anything "fertility" related will not be covered at all by my insurance, but the doctor and nurse who were with me today are doing everything they can to make it appear as just general health stuff on paper so the insurance will cover it, so that's really nice!

She wants me to get some blood work done, checking my thyroid (strong family history of hypothyroidism), for diabetes, and then a blood pregnancy test to make sure I'm not pregnant before they put me on BCP. Which also means I have to abstain for two weeks before I get the blood work done, so that there's no chance of me having an early pregnancy that isn't caught in the blood work. So I'm due to O in about a week (CD 9 today, I almost always O on CD 16), so as soon as I've O'd I'll start the two-week abstaining period and get my blood drawn.

Also, DH needs to get a SA at some point. I have a follow-up appointment on January 14th to get the BCP prescription as well as a papsmear and to discuss my lab results, so DH needs to have the SA done before then. He's really hoping I get pregnant this cycle so he won't have to do it-- he is NOT excited about it haha! I'd be totally fine with getting pregnant this cycle, since I'm not really excited about going on BCP to get pregnant!

It all seems a little weird to me, I never ever thought I would be going to a doctor to seek any medical help (not that this is much medical help at this point, but still.) I used to be one of those naive people who assumed pregnancy would "just happen" lol.

Anyway, tomorrow is our church Christmas communion service with a little Christmas party afterwards, and then starting Sunday it's going to be a Mucinex and BD marathon! I'm really excited to try the Mucinex. I've tried so many other things for my CM, including EPO, which has worked so well for so many other women, but did absolutely nothing for me! I'm still taking EPO just on the off chance that it helps me produce more CM for he Mucinex to work with. I don't know if it's actually making any difference, but I feel like I'm doing something at least lol. I got vitex too but I ended up being too nervous to try it. I have normal cycles currently and I really don't want to mess them up. So I may have wasted my money, I don't know.

I am just ready to start BDing already! Not that I'm expecting anything to come of this month. I don't even know what I would do if I got a BFP, I've seen so many BFNs that I'm sure I wouldn't actually believe it. I really don't know how I'll react when the waiting has paid off and I've finally gotten that BFP.
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