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December 21st, 2013, 11:17 AM
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Haha, I have definitely been doing a lot of snooping as well! There is a lot to learn. I never worried about it much before I got married, because my family has a history of fertility--when they want to get pregnant, they do. My mom had 9 kids, plus a miscarriage at the end, and she said it took her 6 months with the first one (she had been on BC for about a year and a half) and then the rest it took one time trying. My oldest sister has had three so far, plus a miscarriage, and she has PCOS, hypothyroidism, and for her last one she was overweight. She got pregnant a couple times using condoms and not trying (obviously, hence the condoms lol). And then my other sister got married this past summer and got pregnant her second month.

I could go on (there are a lot of big families in my extended family), but I think you get it. Based on the rest of my family's experiences, I really did not expect to even HAVE to try, let alone try for so long!! So that's been hard at times. Especially since my sister got married so much later than me and pregnant so quickly. (Interesting tid-bit, that sister married my DH's brother. Kind of weird.)

Sorry for the long post. Didn't mean to vent like this! So I think I read one of your posts and it said you were going to TTC in January, is that right? I hope it happens quickly for you when you start trying, and that you don't have any bumps on the road, just a perfect 9 months!

Oh- I'm working on my chart. Trying to figure it out!
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