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December 21st, 2013, 02:33 PM
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The main question I'm asking is, would you let your son play with / have a baby doll?

I was in the store with my mom and we went down the toy aisle. It had a mixture of both boys and girls things. We passed the baby dolls and Ethan seen them and kept saying Baby! Baby! So my mom took one off the shelf and let him hold it. Ethan was pretty amazed by it and kept hugging it and touching her hair and was very upset when we put it back on the shelf. She mentioned going back later to get it for him as a Christmas gift and asked if Ricky and I would be ok with it. I of course was fine with it and when asking my husband he said it would be a little weird but didn't really care if she got it for him.

Well she went back with my dad while they were Christmas shopping and was about to get it when he apparently just flat out said no. When she asked why, he said because he is a boy. They ended up not getting the doll, but I was kind of surprised when she told me about it. Just curious to see what other moms think on the subject. Luckily my dad doesn't get to dictate what I buy for him so there is a pretty strong chance he will still end up with his baby that he wanted.
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