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December 21st, 2013, 03:01 PM
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My fiance and I found out that I'm pregnant just a couple of weeks ago. I am a senior in college working on a rigorous research study and trying to get my last few credits in, all the while battling severe anxiety and struggling to get things done. My fiance has been out of a job for months... here is the story in short:

In June, I was hit by a car and took some injuries to a leg. I was off work for several weeks, and I had no one to care for me but my fiance. Jeramy lost his job in that span of time because somehow his boss couldn't justify him spending all that time off of work to make sure I was fed and taken care of. I couldn't do ANYTHING on my own. Some time passed and I continued working on light duty. When classes started in the fall, my anxiety issues kicked in full force and I made the difficult decision to leave my job. Jeramy had found a job that promised him 40 hours a week, and several weeks later the manager admitted to him that they would've said anything to get him in there - none of their workers were willing to open, and they took advantage of Jeramy. Had him come in for two or three hours in the morning and sent him home. He finally left and continued pursuing other jobs. He hasn't had any luck, even though he's trained in several fields... Now, we've recently received an eviction notice because we're so behind in all of our bills. We may have a new home lined up, but we haven't heard for certain yet and we don't have any family or friends who are able to accommodate us, even for a short time.

We have NO time to prepare, no money to speak of and are in incredible debt already. We've discussed it several times, and as much as we would love to start a family, now just isn't the right time. In January we are going to terminate the pregnancy and try to pick ourselves up from all of this. We can't justify bringing a child into the picture when we couldn't give one the very best - we would just be sliding by, and no child deserves that just because we can't bear to make such a difficult decision.

I suppose I just wanted to share my story and hear from others in a similar situation or who have experienced this and made the same decision for similar reasons. We are heartbroken, but we are firm in our belief that our child deserves only the best, which we can't give.
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