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December 21st, 2013, 09:20 PM
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Thanks for the help ladies. I don't really love the name Cecilia. I have a negative connotation with that version. And I guess I never much considered that Cicily will probably be shortened to CeCe or something and I don't like that either. Maybe I'll knock that one off the list.

I do love Eliza. My friend named her daughter that, but we are both cool with me using it too. I just hope it's not getting too popular. I made that mistake once. LOL. Aiming for a little less popularity at this stage.

I have never been bothered by alliterative names either. Unless it's sickening sounding. But I do wonder if Clara Caroline is a bit redundant. The names are very similar the more I say them.

Maybe it will be a boy and all this thought will be for nothing.
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