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December 23rd, 2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by GamerMom View Post
Lately I've been really lazy, to put it nicely, to make myself good breakfasts and lunches. Most days my meals consist of pop to drink and whatever sodium filled can food I can quickly put on. Now I do babysit on and off during the day and I am usually cooking only for myself. Though that shouldn't be an excuse. Salad is just as fast and much healthier. Now mind you, I do have really good suppers since my SO is home and I cook for my brother at times as well.

As for the pop (Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero) habit, I really need to kick it. I've replaced a lot of it with chocolate milk and apple juice but still, I have about two to three cans a day easily. I wish I could give it up but it's so addicting!! Wondering on how to make this easier.

Anyone else trying to eat healthier to either lose weight or just because their diet, much like mine, is terrible?

Do you know any tricks on how to stick to it when you start?
WOW you sound just like me after my last child was born. Looking back I'm not ashamed that I kept up the bad eating habits because it prompted me to get motivated and really get my diet in check.

My lovely husband started cooking good meals for me and helped guide me to lose 30 pounds.

Here's a bit tip that helped me:

1) Slowly try to add just 1 good snack a day to your current eating habits. For example, just 1 apple first thing in the morning is what I'm talking about.

2) That 1 apple may not sound like much, but this habit will start to change the way your mind thinks about food. Plus it will curb your craving in the morning for that bad stuff

3) After 4-5 days, add a 2nd item to the mid-day time, but ***keep that 1st item***

4) Still eat your JUNK FOOD! You don't want to feel miserable, but by slowly adding single health snacks your body will naturally start to diminish the craving for this stuff.

5) Repeat until you get into the habit of eating at least 3-4 health snacks each day, then go from there.

Hope this helps.

- Angie
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