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December 23rd, 2013, 02:14 PM
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Honey I feel for you, truly. We too were in a similar situation years ago. We had to pack up and live in a dingy hotel room (nothing but drug users and hookers ran the place) and with my oldest daughter at the time.

We hung in there and slowly but surely got out to a better living situation, thanks to my husband working so hard and taking anything he could to get income.

YOU WILL GET PAST THIS! Keep the faith. I believe that we are all meant to go through hard times to get to the other, more brighter side of things in life

- Angie

Also, to help with income consider doing something online since you do have access to a computer. It can be anything.

I earn money from my personal website. You can also sell stuff on E-bay for other people, or if you can spare a couple of hours a day you can work for other sources that need virtual assistants and such.

- Angie
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