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December 23rd, 2013, 02:18 PM
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Yeah, I don't even think I have any need to regulate my cycle, so it confuses me. I've always had regular cycles, 28-29 days before I got married, and then 29-31 days when I got married (I think just from the added stress of marriage. It was a big adjustment for me!). I had a couple long ones during super stressful times which delayed my O, but that didn't worry me, and they went right back to normal after the stress was over! I've been temping and I know I O... I've used OPKs as well, but I'm not consistent enough, so I haven't used any this cycle. But I get positives with those (when I use them right! lol) as well, so Oing isn't an issue. And my LP is long enough too, so I don't think I have any issues there. So I really don't get the BC thing. I think she just wants me to have a stronger O or something, but I would be more interested in trying some natural supplements to improve my O, if I need to. She didn't even look at any charts or anything though (I brought my last three months' worth of charts), so I really don't trust her opinion too much lol. I think it was just an easy and quick thing to suggest that wouldn't cause my insurance any issues. So honestly, at the next appointment, I think I'll tell her thanks, but no thanks on the BC, and that I'll be trying naturally for a few more months. If I decided to see an OB/GYN again I'll go to the one 45 min away that the lady at my church suggested.

I'm not a huge POAS addict, like some people Some months I don't test at all, just wait for AF to show. I sometimes do though... I think a couple months ago I started testing every other day starting 7DPO which was a little early! I only have cheapies though, and actually they expired 11/29, so I'm not sure how accurate they'll be anyway lol.... I'll probably use up my expired tests, maybe starting at 10DPO, longer if I can wait Of course if they're negative, I'll probably still hold out the hope that they're expired so I can't trust them so maybe I actually am pregnant..... I killed myself last month because I tested several times, each time a blaring BFN, but I STILL held on to that tiny shred of hope that just *maybe* I was pregnant and it was just too early to tell... That was not a fun AF for me (or for DH lol. Poor guy had to deal with a practically manic wife!).

I think if I don't have luck this month, I'll probably break down and buy a ton of cheap OPKs and HPTs for next cycle... if I have a bunch of them, I'm sure I'll become a POAS addict lol! I'm the same as you though--if I get a positive on a cheapie, then I'll go get a good test!
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