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December 23rd, 2013, 02:32 PM
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I only had one nurse give me a very hard time about having kids. I had been in the hospital due to preterm labor for days. It was the 3rd time I was admitted and was starting to feel worse emotionally. She suggested I get a tubal and my kids should go into foster care. She and her Southern Baptist Pastor husband prayed for "people like me." After I cried, she back pedaled really fast and didn't mean to "offend" me. Night Nurse Barbara, I won't ever forget you. Let's hope I don't see your face with this pregnancy. It took me years to not feel extremely angry about this treatment.

My psychiatrist and psychologist were both fine with me having more kids. After DD 1, I gave myself a hard time about feeling defective and like I shouldn't be allowed to have kids. But, therapy really helped.
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