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December 24th, 2013, 10:15 PM
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Have you thought about applying for jobs in your field now? Many places will accept applications from people who have yet to graduate as long as you submit a transcript and a letter showing your expected graduation date. There are also jobs that will allow you to intern for pay around your classes. If you do decide to continue the pregnancy you can also apply for jobs, be frank about your condition and explain how you will handle your absence, you would be surprised by how understanding and helpful employers can be about things like this. Employers like planners and people who are dependable and accept personal responsibility, they'll see it as a sign of strength that you're considering the needs of the company when applying. It's better for them to hire someone like you (and take the leave of absence) than get someone who is undependable.

I understand not wanting to get government assistance, but it is also a temporary thing. And it's not accepting a handout. Portions of any paycheck you have received go into these government programs. You've paid into it. It is your money. Needing a little bit of help to land on your feet and take off running is how it is supposed to work, and it sounds like you wouldn't need it for long at all. As I said, my husband and I planned our family (well, our second son was s surprise, lol) but we wouldn't be able to sustain ourselves for long without assistance if he lost his job suddenly. If you're waiting to be in the most perfect and ideal situation ($10k in the bank, cars paid off, $20,000 down payment on the house, no student loans, telecommuting, etc) to have a child, you'll be waiting a very long time. Something is always going to come up to disrupt that (watch UP!, you'll see what I mean ).

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