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December 27th, 2013, 06:20 PM
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On top of this, I'm quite concerned about my family's reaction. I'll admit that my main source of anxiety is different social situations, and a primary one is the way my family (love them dearly) insists on talking at me and telling me how to live my life. (I don't mean to sound like an angsty teen here, I truly mean that instead of having adult conversations, I am constantly told what I'm doing wrong in their eyes and what needs to be done to fix it - and then am scolded and talked down to when I don't do "as I'm told"). That is one of the things I have had a hard time with, learning how to handle that kind of stress, as it still affects me daily and makes it hard to be happy about things that I truly should be happy about. The negativity I received when we announced our engagement was astounding... I can't imagine the heat I'll receive about a child, and that is one more stressor to add to my senior year, which I am already behind in completing. These are not excuses, but very strong realities for me.
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