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December 27th, 2013, 06:28 PM
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when i found i was pregnant, i was 17. i was living at my parents' with my 18yr old boyfriend. we both suffer from anxiety, and i with mild depression. we were working part-time for leisure, saving up for our own place. we were in college making straight a's. then i got pregnant. he panicked. he didn't talk to me for weeks, which was really awkward. we had just gotten back together after a break, so the timing was especially bad.

we got on wic and medicaid. he hates it. he got a full time job working in a mill. it's a 12hr shift, awful days, hardly any time off, and horrible manual labor. i'm still working part-time with my hours scheduled around his so i can watch the baby. do we like this arrangement? no. does it work? yes. will it get better? yes. but we're getting by. i'm going to assume you didn't apply for financial aid (if so, there is no reason you should have a problem with applying for government assistance. it's the same thing). since you are technically an unemployed single mother, you'd be able to get a lot of help from wic. medicaid will cover baby's medical expenses. if you buy a package of diapers a week, just 10$ a week, you'd have a nice stash by the time baby comes. have a baby shower. don't tell people the gender. there are ways to get the things you need.

if you or Jeramy are having even the slightest of doubts, the abortion shouldn't take place.
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